The 3 Step Strata Fund Track Approach

Canadian SFTS provides a holistic approach to maximize the performance and value of strata managed properties. This is completed through the following 3-step approach.

1. Predictive Analysis® Including On-Site Inspections

This is primarily a discovery & data collection phase where the following occurs:

  • Data Collection & Analysis - Review Plans, Financials & More
    We collect pertinent information including plans, operating and capital costs, drawings and more
  • Gather Input & Insights
    We conduct owner surveys and service contractor surveys in order to ensure that known issues which may only present under specific conditions are considered when undertaking an on-site inspection.
  • Evaluate: On-Site Inspection
    Reviewed data and stakeholder input helps inform a physical inspection of the property and building(s). This includes infrared inspection of accessible exterior walls, roofs, decks, parking area & electrical, mechanical & elevating systems.
  • Preliminary Discussion Paper
    With the initial data, input and on-site inspection complete a preliminary discussion paper is provided outlining various property & building components needing attention.

2. Detailed Reports

Once the Predictive Analysis® is complete Canadian SFTS meets with Strata Council to review, optain council decisions & collaboratively put together a plan for moving forward in addressing maintenance and renewal items. A number of reports are also created:

3. Funding Scenarios

Data collected and plans established get entered into Canadian SFTS' own online system where Funding Scenarios can be created with adjustments for variables such as assessments, strata fees, interest, inflation & more.

Additional Services

Canadian SFTS clients also have access to the following additional services:

  • Issue Investigation
    Sometimes unforeseen issues arise. Canadian SFTS is available on a call-out basis between formal Predictive Analysis® events to assist in identifying sources of these occurrences.
  • Non-Invasive Leak/Thermal Trace
    In addition to determining water paths when leaks or failed piping are involved, water supply line locations, electrical or thermal radiation sources, & missing insulation zones can be identified.
  • Repair & Renewal Referrals
    Decades of marketplace involvement have built connections to trusted providers who can be tapped to implement necessary maintenance, repair & renewal activities – or to manage major projects on behalf of Strata.
  • Data Management & Security
    Store all key documents memorializing operations, capital work, community building, legal, financial, disclosure and decisions in one place.