Designed & Created In Response to Strata Needs

We have been working within the construction & repair industry since 1967 with a focus on Strata Communities.

Canadian SFTS was born as a result or our response to clients' requests in the early years of this century. Their ask was to help find a way to plan maintenance & renewal (replacement) programs based on a realistic current condition assessment. The goal was to timely fund these items to avoid system failures, related emergencies, and displacement and horrendous costs associated.

In short cost-effective & pro-active instead of re-active plans & budgets.

A quick check with other Strata clients of the day confirmed a pressing need.

Following through on these clients suggestions and critiques resulted in the design & creation of our Predictive Analysis®  approach.

Predictive Analysis®

  • Review of documents, reports, completed renewals, & improvements.
  • Gathering of input from owners and service contractors.
  • Physical & thermal imaging inspections of all common Systems & Components including estimation of their remaining service life.
  • Formal Preliminary discussions with Councils and Managers to determine disposition of issues.

The resultant positive performance changes brought about through adjusted maintenance portions of operational plans & budgets and the cost & value effectiveness of timely building system & component renewals was startling!

Provincial Statutes Come Into Effect

BC provincial statutes around disclosure documentation came into force approximately six years after initiation of Predictive Analysis®.

Our Predictive Analysis® clients began calling almost immediately after release of the Statute & pertinent Regulations requesting financial schedules be added to their existing program in order to meet the requirements of the Act.

Cloud based capacity was added to accommodate both financial schedules and allowing:

  • Independent retention and control of Strata records
  • Quick, easy, 24/7 access from anywhere to records, reports, & current and historical documents.
  • "What-If" forward looking budget scenarios workable in real time Budget Sandbox® format.
  • Capacity to modify disclosure information & reports on a real time basis. This allows upgrades, renewals, insurance events, renovations, & AGM or SGM budget changes to be accurately reflected for those relying on these disclosure documents during the 3 years between complete inspections and resets, ensuring maximum value to Strata Owners.

Recognizing clients real needs through responsive ongoing site design & programming upgrades is and will always remain a core value of Canadian SFTS.