We Are Strata Owners

Canadian Strata Fund Track Solutions (Canadian SFTS) core commitment:

We provide effective, economical & easy to use tools, information, & guidance  every Strata needs to  define and fulfill its unique Community Vision by maximizing the Performance & Value of its Property throughout their Ownership period.

Canadian SFTS was created as a result of this passionate interest in assisting real property owners with maximizing both the performance and value of their most significant investments.

We are Strata Owners ourselves and understand the vulnerability, frustration, and loss of value that can occur when Strata priorities are misaligned as to site operations, maintenance implementation, and / or inadequate renewal plans and funding.

Our team delivers a unique service drawing upon its blend of skills and professional qualifications honed and practiced through decades of involvement in:

  • development & construction
  • building inspection
  • investigation & assessment including infrared analysis
  • maintenance & repair
  • multi-family re-build
  • emergency response and repair to fire and water damaged properties
  • commercial & strata property management
  • accounting & business management
  • software development

We participate in delivering positive performance and value potentials that real property ownership brings when good planning and management of occupancies, maintenance, renewal and funding are exercised.

We have seen the devastating results of poor planning and inadequate maintenance and renewal and have had the opportunity and great satisfaction of assisting in turning such situations around.

It is never too early or too late to start

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