Predictive Analysis®

Establishing A Baseline

Predictive Analysis® enables Canadian Strata Fund Track Solutions (Canadian SFTS) to provide a baseline illustrating current building and system function, including immediate issues and what may need to be "on the radar" further down the road.

Detailed physical inspections are conducted including applied thermal imaging & backup metering by experienced and knowledgeable industry experts. Input from clients and their service providers yields collaborative insight & aids in developing suggested system service life-enhancing actions.

Performed when a client first joins Canadian SFTS, Predictive Analysis® is repeated every 3 years to ensure performance beyond the baseline remains within projected parameters. Strata benefits from a comprehensive understanding of the state of its buildings, systems, & real life budget impacts.

Relevent discussion, action, & commemorative reports enable present decsions & future reference.

Additional Services

Canadian SFTS clients have access to the following additional services:

  • Issue Investigations
  • Non-Invasive Leak/Thermal Trace
  • Repair & Renewal Referrals
  • Data Management & Security