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1. Useful Inspections

Canadian SFTS detailed professional inspection of common property, records, & selected units, combined with building and system infrared scans establishes current reality. This provides review questions whose answers map the way forward.

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2. Actionable Reports

Maintenance actions & repairs as well as System or System Component renewals are prioritized, planned, mapped over time, & budgeted to achieve Strata’s immediate, short term, and long-term goals. Strata Property Act requirements including inflation considerations are met in this step.

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3. Successful Budgeting

Your money organized to achieve your goals. The best possible results, with the lowest possible input. You can access a budget playground tailored to your complex that makes it easy to see the impact of different budget approaches.

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Professional Qualifications....

Decades of Experience

Our team delivers a unique service drawing upon its blend of skills and professional qualifications honed and practiced through decades of involvement in development, construction, building inspection, investigation & assessment. A sampling of these skills include:

  • infrared analysis
  • maintenance repair
  • multi-family rebuild
  • fire & water damage repair
  • commercial & strata property management
  • accounting
  • business management

Why Choose Canadian SFTS?

  • Positively impact property values, decrease energy use, lower operating & life-time costs through guidance into long-term renewal plans & maintenance for extended service life.
  • Peace of mind through funding that supports Strata community vision and enables common property maintenance and replacement on an affordable basis
  • Ability to adapt to unforeseen changes using a budget sandbox to adjust assumptions and run variable financial options in real time, to determine an optimal response to such changes.
  • Meet or exceed all requirements under the Strata Property Act of B.C. in disclosure to Owners, potential purchasers, lenders, and insurers.

SFTS Services Are Ideal for:

  • Strata Owners
  • Strata Councils
  • Strata Property Managers
  • Strata Management Companies
  • Commercial & Investment Property Owners